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self conscious

4 we live as an integral part, because the life we live it happened interdependence, as for the 4 parts are:
1. as a servant of GOD ALMIGHTY
2. as an independent self
3. as a member of the family community / community / citizen
4. as part of the natural environment
Okay we discussed one by one
As a servant of GOD ALMIGHTY
This is the most important for us, because what we can in our world is all from him (GOD ALMIGHTY), so we must give the best for dia.semua success we achieved can not be separated because he is willing, if you all either the same GOD ALMIGHTY he will also give the best for us, we will always be given the convenience for the world and akherat later, the world is transitory and temporary nature, so do not ever forget that God has created us, whatever we do have as it gets keridhoannya.aku sure if you remember your god, then god will remember us, we get the job will be given the ease and success, not only from the outside only but we also give happiness from our hearts.

As an independent self
In this case we should really pay attention, because success will not be able to reach us without any effort from within ourselves, as an independent self, meaning that we as humans have memdidik ourselves to be independent beings, are not always depend on lain.untuk people become independent self is not easy, we must really galvanize ourselves from childhood, from our birth we are in teaching and in practice by our parents to learn and always learning, from learning to recognize things, to eat , drinking, learning to crawl, and learned to walk, the beginning and we can not always fall, because we have a strong stand, until we are sick, but we never gave up, I should be able to walk berjalan.sesudah give us the education and began far away from their parents, trying to fill our lives with our own toil. If the little we've planted the seeds of independence in my life and make sure that your future will be good. that's the way to make ourselves into an independent self, if the personality we've established ourselves, thinking we've grown so success will be in our hands.
As a member of the family community / community / citizen
As a member of the family community / society / citizens of our country in the demand to be able to give the best for others, in the family we must know our rights and obligations as a son of our parents. As a member of the community we should be able to appreciate and respect each other, and better yet we can contribute and blend well with the people around us, and always took part for the benefit of our citizens bersama.sebagai in compulsory continuing struggle of the heroes of the nation. Indeed, we have free will but this is our country in the colonized. Our country colonized by the moral, for that we must be clever-clever yah.sebagai good citizens we must participate in them, continue to struggle with the fragrant names of our nation . to give our work and show it lho country, the State gudeg
As part of the natural environment
As part of the natural environment, in this case we are in demand for natural love around us, nature is a place where we live, we rightly appreciate the nature around us, nature is where we find rizqi, if we do not appreciate nature and take care of, then surely we got a disaster, have a lot of hard evidence, floods, landslides, mountain erupts, it is not caused by either of the men themselves, they never appreciate nature, and maintain in, but they were glad alam.jika damage we are to succeed we must consider the nature About a we, keep, and appreciate
of the four parts of the above will give us a responsibility to the importance of an inter-related parts and we can not we at tinggalkan.dan demanded to understand and develop themselves, the meaning of development is aid services to individuals / groups in order to develop optimally in personal relationships, social, learning, and career; through the process of habituation, understanding ourselves and the environment and their utilization to achieve the development of self-perfection.
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Jumat, 11 Desember 2009


This is one form of togetherness with the motto of touring can be fun, in the jogres many memories and kegokilan children jogres members, touring the first to Tawangmangu jogres.
then we just bersembilan, went on a motorcycle in hopes of later TAWANGMANGU can get something for our hearts are always fun, everyday happy.karena we're always on task and busy with school activities. we are leaving on Saturday afternoon, trus stay at my place one night, the morning we went to Tawangmangu, but prior to Tawangmangu we stopped into the tea garden, see pemendangan unique, and soothing the eyes, because as far as we look at the broad expanse of the tea plant, fresh green tea gardens cuy.di our abis bersembilan narzizme, hahahah.

satisfied in the garden after tea that makes us addicted to nature that makes us healthy eyes, the air is so cool really, because it has not contaminated with the dirty air of our vehicles go to temple Cetho, in this temple we seneng Cetho really, really cold weather because it is located at lawu foothills, the temple is a statue of Saraswati Cetho which brought directly from Bali, where we immediately step on the gas, action, there cpret cpret here with a thousand different styles, hahahah. basis on all narziz, hehehe.tapi really do not experience very memorable with friends all.
satisfied at the temple after Cetho kta drove into TAWANGMANGU tourist attractions, which are known as Grojogan Sewu. atmosphere there is also nice, but the way we make staggering, but for those who never exercise certainly healthy, ha ha there's also enaknya along the way to our Grojogan the company of monkeys funny, hahah good times would equate face with the monkeys had come just to tawangmangu.hahhah
we posed in Tawangmangu bernaziz-ria narzizan like our own world, there is a swimming pool, this might be a funny story, kids ga jogres know if the cold water in it really, njebur first time in the pool immediately cried all byuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrr , hahhahah pren-pren trus me to laugh, after menjebur to the pool at mlipir outside swimming pool and find the sun to keep warm, do not feel the time was late afternoon, we rushed home again to jogja, and finally back to normal life as before. many tasks and the more solid college
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Senin, 07 Desember 2009

successful people vs. people fail

everyone knows and wants to live successfully in life, but they forgot a few things namely: the attempt to achieve
here I will describe some tips and differences between people fail to succeed where the difference is very contradictory, but a success that we achieve can not be separated from a failure.
those who succeed must learn from a failure, people who fail to follow the example of a successful

characteristics of people who succeed are:
CAN I always say !!!!!!!!!!! 11
Diligently tried, though failed
Controlling the environment can
Always believe in yourself and never envied the success of others
Always create the opportunity or chance
Solving problems
Independent living
Facing the problem as a challenge
Responding to every challenge as a stepping-progress (a chance to advance)
Actively thinking
Have the confidence to be able to change and improve things
Careful in working
Think win-win
Think win-lose
With confidence
Always see the light in the darkness
Be proactive
Think win-win
Thinking the cause of the problem of self bersasal
With confidence
Self disciplined
Think first before acting

characteristics of people who fail are
Act first and think
Easy shaky and hesitant
Not a priority
Think win-lose
The cause of the problem comes from other oarng
Easy to believe in fate
Mengahadapi problems as a burden
Always said I CAN NOT
Always remember that failure
Embarrassed to ask and do not want to ask for help from others
Limited by the environment
Lazy thinking
Not sure can make improvements
Sloppy work
Felt inferior and was always jealous of other people
Always waiting for the opportunity to come
Brought problems

character traits that I mentioned above is that we can learn and can distinguish between success and failure. but the main purpose of the above is that I am you you can have a true vision and know what we should do so that we succeed and succeed, hopefully this article can be useful for you all, thank you

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Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

three successful self-confidence

three successful self-confidence
in this life, we are in faced in many ways, a lot of activities, many rules, which menbuat ourselves must always perform with confidence. but the problem is to gain the confidence needed a lot of things are interrelated within us, many people fail because they are not confident, not confident in taking sikap.para Dear readers here will I said and I teach about the human who have a sense of strong self-belief as the introduction of success brother. one way that we should always appear confident is to train ourselves from within, meaning must start from ourselves, there is a story of my own experience, at the time I ordered to bring in an event in an organization where I am, I was there in demand to speak in front of people who are very much at all, but because of my lack of preparation, and added another with a deep mastery of the theory has not made me desperate and stage fright that made the show what I bring is not perfect outcome,

there are a few tips so that we can believe in yourself
1. train ourselves every day to appear confident
2. we must master fear to us
3. personality

train ourselves every day to appear confident
means that wherever we are should always appear confident, at school, at home, at work, in public places, we must always appear confident, and never shy to be creative, show that here I am, here I am with my abilities, and always exsis perform wherever we are

fears in us
wherever we are when faced with a lot of people fear would come to us, excited feeling that always haunts every person, but that fear will not disappear if we do not have, and will be increased so that makes us not believe ourselves and make ourselves hang, like kebo dlongop, hehheheheh, blank, blank mind jadinya.jadi karuan not the most important is that we should be able to master the fear that is within us.

Here one of the key success seseoarang is confident, self-confident in the need of a good personality, a solid, which has a strong stance, which menpunyai talent that we have mantap.untuk really menigkatklan our potential, enhance our keperibadian , because the dam memdidik galvanize our personality will automatically appear belief in ourselves.

by mastering her top three tips I am sure you will be successful, and has a bright future, and you will be people who are not in vain in the eyes of the public, damn outlook on life always have to move forward, always smiling no matter where you are was to welcome the world.

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